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           Qualities of a Good Husband


                            Qualities of a Good Husband

Ever had a session where you thought about what makes a good husband and what are the qualities of a good husband? As a wife, comparing your husband's character to that of a neighbors or a friend’s husband may not be a fair evaluation of your own.

To better judge your husband for truly the person he is, here are a few pointers that will let you know the attributes of a good husband.


Trust Worth

A good husband is one who is trustworthy. He SHOULD be faithful to you and should be honest with his family. Whether he is with his friends or he is away at work, you should be able to trust him. A good husband is one who is reliable at all times.



Family First

A good husband is one who puts his family first. He will at all-time think about you and the children then himself. A quality husband is one who asks you what you would love to do, where you would love to go and what you would like to have.




A good husband is one who takes his parenting duties with pride and passion. He MUST be willing to help the children at all times. He should agree to watch the children or change a dirty diaper and give you some free time.

He should frequently get the children for school, do school runs and lend you a hand even without asking you.




A good husband is one who is supportive at all times. A man should always be responsible and he should support you. A good husband is one who encourages you in your endeavours whether in the house or away. You should know that you have enough support from him.




A good husband is one who is always ready to show his love to you. A good husband is one who surprises you with gifts sporadically from deep down his heart, not when he wants to buy himself out of trouble.

Not all men will shower their wives with love externally; however the important part of a loving relationship is the love you feel whenever you are with him.



Kindness & Forgiveness

A good husband is one who is above all kind and one who forgives you wholeheartedly. He should be able to forgive you and the children as well. Many men find it particularly difficult to forgive and if you land one who forgives and considers your wishes and desires, love him more!



Listener and Communicator

A good man is one who is with you during your lows and during your highs. He should be ready to listen to your problems and should also listen to you as his best friend. Your husband should be able to take ample time to talk to you, address your needs, and  problems whenever need arises.

Being an excellent communicator is one of the important qualities a husband should possess.



Family’s Spiritual Leader

The ability to guide and lead a family is one of the greatest attributes a husband should possess. Whether it is planning for a vacation, going on a random family outing, or doing something as a family, a good husband should show guidance and should be able to build and strengthen faith within his family.



NB: All in all, it is dire important that the qualities of a good husband should also reflect back so that you can possess similar qualities. Both the husband and the wife are best placed to enjoy a wonderful, caring and loving relationship, if they can set good examples to each other.

Lastly, there are many good husbands that are yet to be found, however, you shouldn’t give up on your man if he is willing to change for the better, suggest to him in a candid manner what you believe he should be like.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Wife?

Marriage tips

Men often think about what kind of a woman would make a good wife for them. Ideally, it should be someone whom they could spend the rest of their lives with in a loving relationship. A lot of that will depend on how good of a match they are for each other, but there are some good wife qualities that stay mostly unchanged across all happy couples and families.

While all men are acutely aware of these things, it’s easy to miss them when your mind is taken over by feelings. Whether you’re considering proposing to your significant other, have recently started dating someone or simply are curious about your future marriage prospects, this article will help you determine what to look for in a woman that you’d like to have as your wife.


One of the pillars of a long-lasting relationship is good communication, and a wife who speaks her mind and hears out what you want to say will ensure that it holds up. Even the happiest of marriages involve disagreements at some point in time. There’s nothing more important than finding the time to talk it out with your significant other, and a wife who just holds everything inside will do more damage than good to a relationship. Likewise, she should be able to listen to what her husband has to say.


Even during heated arguments, a loving couple should respect each other. If a woman often resorts to name calling and belittling her significant other, the relationship is in for a bumpy ride that’s going to end in a disaster.


This isn’t really about finance, even though a good wife would certainly come to the aid of her men in a difficult time, as he would for her. For a long-term success of your relationship, what really matters is being supportive of his goals and aspirations. If a woman does not show anything of that kind or even discourages you from following your passions and dreams, she just isn’t right for you.


A relationship built and maintained on lies won’t result in a happy family living together in harmony. If you’re with a woman who won’t tell the truth even to someone who’s supposedly very important to her, it can’t mean anything good for your future together. Watch out for troubling signs of dishonesty, and don’t hesitate to end the relationship if it becomes a source of emotional distress.

Sense of Humor

A wife who doesn’t shy away from sharing a good laugh with her husband will be pleasant to be with. A good sense of humor can get a married couple through a lot of rough patches in life, and you’d be much better off getting some of your own if you don’t have it already.

In the end, there might not be that many distinct factors that would refer specifically to a good wife and not a good husband. If you want to be sure, just see if the woman you’re with has all the qualities of a generally good person and all that’s left for you to find out will be whether she feels the same way about you.

A Relationship Requires Efforts

A Relationship Requires Efforts

A relationship takes work and time for it to be successful. Very seldom will a relationship turn out well when no one is putting in the effort, which may cause it to explode and end horribly. If you are currently experiencing issues with your significant other, you can turn to relationship tips out there, or from a professional, to ensure that everything moves ahead. You can fix what is wrong or learn where to go, and this is a great way to push you in the right direction. Whether your relationship has reached its end or you just need to learn a way to get it going again, there is something out there that you can do.

The biggest thing that you can do is listen to and understand your significant other. Man or woman, everyone has problems at some point. If you are ignoring their needs, you are not able to see what the real problem is. Every problem, desire, and need is real, and it needs to be addressed. Ignoring or setting it aside will only cause the problem to worsen over time. This will hold your relationship down and hurt your efforts to find the connection that you once had. Remember to keep an open mind and listen completely to what they have to say. Try to see this matter from their end so that you can become more empathetic, which will help you in the process of bring the romance back.

You should also remember to work things out. Simply being right is not enough, not if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. Figure out your problems and put the effort into repairing them. This will help you to build a stronger relationship as a whole while moving away from whatever is causing issues at the time. Sometimes, these problems can be handled by talking and making an effort. There are times, however, when both of you need to put in the work and need to make a true effort. Regardless of what is wrong, you should try to see what your possibilities are if you want this relationship to survive.

Have confidence and trust. If you are constantly second guessing everything or moving away from your partner, you are only going to widen the gap and worsen the issues. Learn to trust the person and yourself a little more. You should be able to be happy and open with them, not fearful and closed off. If you want to be able to continue this relationship, figure out where your fears and problems lie and work on them. Whether this is a personal struggle or distrust from the past, you are going to need to work on it.

There are times when the relationship is poison. When none of the relationship tips out there will help, it might be time to move on. Not all relationships can work, and you have to recognize when it is time to go forward with life. Dragging something out that is not healthy or stable will only cause pain for the both of you.

The Ups and Downs In A Relationship

The Ups and Downs In A Relationship

All relationships involve their own unique set of circumstances, compromises and significant events that inspired the relationship to bloom.  While it’s impossible to create a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a perfect relationship, there are a few common threads and parallels shared by many.  Relationships can evoke feelings of overwhelming joy,which can easily be cancelled out by moments of infuriating anger or debilitating sadness.  It can be argued that extremely bad relationships almost have an addictive quality; the back and forth between passion and pain can keep many locked in for years. Volatile relationships attract a great deal of attention and can quickly stigmatize the entire experience to the outside eye. However, there are examples of positive relationships and break-ups to learn from; these cases often feature two parties who understand the tools required for keeping a partnership strong, or possess the right mindset to know when to walk away.


Recently at this year’s Academy Awards, Ben Affleck sparked a flurry of attention for comments he made regarding his marriage to Jennifer Garner.  In fact, it could be argued that his reflection is one of the strongest, yet simplest, pieces of relationship advice. Affleck thanked his wife for working on their marriage, and he continued to reinforce the theory that marriage is indeed a type of work and thanked Garner for all the hard work she contributed to the relationship.  Often, people hammer in the fairytale fantasy misconception about relationships and would never dream of labeling it “work.”  The very thought of “work” seems to attract a negative connotation since it’s associated with the exhaustion of long hours, pressure to perform and the politics that go with any job or career. However, work is an inevitability of life and represents responsibility, dedication and a sense of reality and maturity. Affleck’s comments resonated and perhaps revealed the key to steering a relationship in a positive direction.


While relationships take work and compromise, it’s important to apply that realistic, logical attitude to a situation that can no longer be sustained. This is a truly heartbreaking moment for a relationship, because either one party, or both, have reached a painful crossroad in their journey together; at that point, a couple could stop in place and look back in an effort to reconcile, or they may have to press on and move forward once they’ve exhausted their efforts. Relationships can naturally feel routine after several years, and partners almost take the form of furniture because they’ve become just fixtures in each other’s lives. When faced with that difficult decision of staying or leaving, carefully weigh all factors involved; if a relationship is struggling from a lack of interest, contemplate whether or not a partner could still inspire the joy that was present when the relationship began.




What is love

Love, What is love

“Love” is an English word which expresses various kinds of feelings and emotions. This feeling is always positive and it can be expressed for anything or anyone. Love can be referred to as an emotion which tells about a strong personal affection towards something or someone. It can be expressed as genuine and warm care when you show your feelings and emotions towards the object of your desire. When it comes to interpersonal emotion of love, the Greek’s have drawn the lines and have also categorized it in four heads.

*  The love of kinship

*  The love of friendship

*  The divine- love

*  The love of romantic desires

Love is the name given to the most wonderful feeling, which each one of us will or have already experienced in our life time. When a person is in love, he doesn’t have any control on his feelings. When you want to do everything for the person whom you love, you simply lose the connection from the rest of the world. It appears to be funny but it’s not. Every time you think of the person your love grows stronger. We all say that love is blind but actually no one knows the real concept behind it. It’s been scientifically proven that when someone loves their partner passionately then a particular section of the brain start working more than normal. In fact, oxytocin and endorphin hormones make you feel good about yourself and your partner and your bond becomes stronger by the day.

“Color of Love”

Color of love is the combination of three different colors which have been known as the traditional hues of this passionate emotion. As we know that love is a feeling for parents, friends and for a special partner. Therefore, the hues are distinguished in different as well. “Pink” is the color for every type of family relation like father to daughter or mother to son. “Red” is the color of love for someone very special, for your real soul mate. “Purple” is the combination of red and pink. Your relationship depends upon the color of love which you will choose for the other person.

The world is a home to numerous poets who have gone beyond words and created epics in the honor of this emotion. Yes, it is love that will make you go crazy at the sight of the beloved and it is love alone that will make you travel the world to find a soul mate.

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